The benefits of #MeatFreeMonday

The benefits of #MeatFreeMonday

You may have heard about #MeatFreeMonday in the press and on social media. You might have even read our very own blog post on it, which explores the roots of the movement and even a delicious veggie quiche recipe! Whether you're thinking about shifting towards a vegetarian or vegan diet or simply want to reduce how much meat you eat, meat free days can be an easy way to make a significant impact. Especially now that supermarkets, restaurants and probably most of your favourite places to eat out cater so well to meat free diets. More and more people are choosing to make the move away from meat - in fact, a third of Britons have already done so - but what are the benefits?

Meat free is... good for your health

Having a balanced diet is key to a good lifestyle and your long-term health, and there's a lot to be said for cutting down on your meat consumption. Processed meats, particularly sausage and bacon, can be fine in moderation but according to the World Health Organisation, processed meat is up there with smoking when it comes to causing cancer. Eating less meat is great for your overall health too, including helping you to look after your heart. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the UK, and unfortunately it's often linked to eating meat. It's important to remember that if you're thinking of going completely vegetarian or even vegan, you should always go about it in a way that means you're getting the right vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Meat is rich in iron, protein and vitamin B12 that are essential for your general health so speak to a health professional, read up on what your body need and how you can source it from other foods to avoid deficiencies! It's worth noting that once you switch to plant-based meals, you're going to be replacing meat with more fibre-rich, vitamin-packed food like veggies, so making conscious decisions about what you put on your plate (or in your Igluu meal prep compartments) really makes a difference.

...good for the environment

As the population grows and grows, so does the demand for meat. It's quickly becoming unsustainable to farm animals on such a mass scale thanks to the pollution it creates and the high levels of water that are needed to produce even a small amount of meat. The United Nations has cited a plant-based dietas one of the ways to prevent more damage to the environment and there has been plenty in the news about the impact of farming (like this great overview here ), so even if you don't think you'll be making a difference... know that you are! Growing and vegetables and grains directly instead of via the animals that eat them has far less of an impact, after all! Buying local can also make a difference, so why not pop down to your nearest market or farm shop for some delicious, fresh produce right on your doorstep?

...good for your bank account

Meat is expensive, it's as simple as that. Vegetarian replacements from brands like Quorn and Linda McCartney, plus new, emerging veggie and vegan friendly brands are bursting into the aisles and are often less expensive than buying fresh meat. Cutting out the need to buy just one day's worth of meat is sure to save plenty, week on week. Especially at the UK looks to introduce a tax on meat. So why not start prepping a meat free day once or twice a week to save a bit of money, improve your health and even help save the environment? A veggie diet never sounded so appealing! Igluu meal prep containers are available to buy on our website or on Amazon.

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