Igluu Ambassador - Judianne from Quick, Healthy Family Meals

Igluu Ambassador - Judianne from Quick, Healthy Family Meals

Hi there! I'm Judianne, and I was inspired by people sharing their recipes on social media and my love of cooking to start creating my own videos and start a website.

I was a teacher for 17 years and fancied a change. It was then that I came across a growing number of people online posting videos of their recipes. I love cooking and like to eat well, plus people always seemed to enjoy my food... so I decided to start sharing my own recipes! My first video reached over 400 views, which I thought was quite good, so I started to make more.

The feedback was great and so, Quick, Healthy Family Meals came to be.

Now, I teach people to cook, teach cookery demonstrations and I even ran a team building day which encouraged people to work in teams to make their own lunch - after I show them how, of course! I love what I do and hopefully that shows.

I find inspiration for my recipes all over social media and online. I also love to seek out new, fresh ingredients and ideas at restaurants, markets, food festivals and cookery shows. Books are also a great place to find exciting dishes and chatting to friends always ends with me thinking up something new!

I feel like Quick, Healthy Family Meals is an accumulation of all these things into one place, so people can look at my recipes that are perfect for busy families who want to serve up tasty, healthy food, and save themselves the time of searching for new things to feed themselves and the kids. My recipes are no frills and can take no time at all to create, which is so important in today's world because so many people are really busy.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut making the same foods over and over again. The tried and tested recipes that we know our families enjoy, especially when time is short. My aim, and hope, is that I'm offering some new ideas that kids enjoy, that are healthy but don't leave you spending ages in the kitchen at the end of a long and busy day.

Meal prep goes hand in hand with this.

I got into meal prep because like everyone else, I'm busy! I have three kids and don't want to be stressed about dinner. Meal prepping means I can think and plan meals when I have the time to, with a clear head. I have a bit of a challenge when it comes to my children, predominantly making things that suit everyone's tastes. My son is pescatarian, my daughter doesn't really like fish and my son loves red meat - despite my efforts to reduce our red meat consumption! Prepping really helps with this because it means there's always an alternative for someone in the fridge if I've forgotten them.

Meal prepping has become part of the way I cook now, alongside the veg boxes I get delivered every week which also gives me new and great ideas! I'll prep some of the fruit and veg so it's just ready in the fridge.

I always have a few recipes that I'm developing on the go too, so I'll make sure these foods are ordered.

Using good quality meal prep containers is essential, and Igluu Meal Prep Containers give me everything I need. With so much food on the go in my house, they're an absolute must-have and have been the backbone of my meal prep habits!

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