Featured blogger - Becky from glutenfreecuppatea

Featured blogger - Becky from glutenfreecuppatea

Welcome to the first in our series of featured blogger posts - this month we’re focusing on Becky and her blog, glutenfreecuppatea.

Here at Igluu, we admire Becky’s dedication to finding gluten-free recipes that work well for meal prep. So many meal prep ideas revolve around pasta/couscous/noodles and other ingredients containing gluten, which can make it hard for people following a gluten-free diet to find suitable recipes. Becky is on a one-woman crusade to change that! One of our favourite recipes that Becky makes is her meal prep omelettes.

Her omelettes look fantastic - they are quick to make, good eaten hot/cold, and are a great alternative to gluten free bread - you can put just about anything in an omelette! However, we’ve noticed Becky’s three favourite fillings all revolve around cheese! Becky pairs hers with a simple side of rocket and they’re done! This is where our Igluu meal prep containers come into play. You can keep your main dish separate from your side by using our two section containers. It may be that you don’t want your side dish going soggy or being mixed in with your main. Or maybe you’ve packed something savoury and something sweet and you want to keep them separate?

About Becky Becky is 27 years old and based in London. She is a London based gluten-free blogger, freelance writer and vlogger. She started her blog, glutenfreecuppatea in 2013, after being diagnosed with IBS. Since then, her blog has grown to include gluten-free meal prep tips, home renovations, and vlogs from her daily life. Igluu meal prep containers can be purchased on our website or on Amazon.

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